Web Service Method Call - How to wait for completion then return?

Hello all,

I am running a web service method sync as I don't want to run it async and it seems to start the processing but the call goes right through to my return; line in a console app I have.  I have a try catch and I want to make sure I catch any returned errors from it.  How do I wait for the service to complete like wait for callback or something?   Please provide a simple example if you could calling the method and wait.
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Without knowing which WebServices you are connecting to and what there responses are like, it is hard to tell you exactly. But usually replies from WebServices have an Error/Warning element in their reply.

So within your try catch block evaluate the response, if Error/Warning field is not empty then raise an exception

This might help:
WebServices Exception Handling
sbornstein2Author Commented:
isn't there a way with like waitcallback or something to wait until the web service completes?
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