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I am attempting to modify the Title of an event in Calendar to allow text warpper; however I am not able to inject to code (CSS) below in the Calendarv4 or the calendar.aspx page code.

How can I get this accomplished? a {

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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

there are many ways to customise SharePoint CSS. I'd personally never change the original CSS files but load additional CSS either via the Master page or with custom CSS in Publishing sites.

You can also upload a .txt file with CSS wrapped in the proper html style tags to a document library. Then edit the page with the Calendar and add a Content Editor Web part below the calendar web part. Do not add any content to the CEWP, but edit the web part and link it to the .txt file in the document library.

To keep such custom CSS safe from accidental user deletions, you can store them in the Style Library of the site collection, to which all users have read access.

cheers, teylyn
irizarryc30Author Commented:
Great idea. I am going through the process of adding the CEWP and will let you know the outcome as soons as possible.
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