Acrobat X Pro file open and save file lists default to date not alphabetical

I have a user who has Acrobat Pro X (and reader X as well if it matters)

when she goes to do a file > open or a save(as) the list of files in the box that pops up (mini-navigator?) are sorted by date/time not alphabetical.  Furthermore, List is selected as opposed to Details so there is not even a way of clicking on the column arrow to do a quick sort.  She has to click on the views icon to get the details settings to come up.

This is not the case when issuing a file > open in Word for example.

What am I missing?

She using Windows XP
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Can you try setting the view the way you want (in the save/open dialog) - then hold down CTRL and click the red "X" to close the window. Then close Adobe and re-open it.

Did Windows/Adobe remember the settings?

CharlesHAuthor Commented:
Ding ding ding!

We have a winner.

That appears to have worked a treat.  Thank you very much.

(I DID try turning it off and on but that did not work. ;-) )
CharlesHAuthor Commented:
Nicely done.

Why did that work exactly?
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