Buffalo Terastation NAS Disk Rebuilding

Recently my company Buffalo Tera-station disk 4 was failure,so that,i plug out the failure HDD and replace with new HDD then press button to rebuild the disk.After i press the button to rebuild ,i can see in the console all the user can not access to this buffalo,but too late because i never inform user,some job they doing already lost.I have few question in below to avoid this make mistake again

1.All the server like HP Proliant DL 380 during rebuilt the disk will effect user or just buffalo tera-station only can be happen like what i described above.

2.How we can know the disk rebuilding time consuming ?

3.I have 4 disk and configure RAID 5 ,IF user accidentally plug out two HDD, we can recover the data ?
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OCDanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1)Servers and expensive NAS/SANs usually work fine whilst you are re-creating the failed disk. The HP servers rebuild without any impact.

2) It's hard to give an estimate, but it is usually quite a long process yes, probably more so on a NAS like Terastation. A more powerful NAS/SAN will do this far quicker.

3) RAID 5 only allows for one drive failing/being pulled out

Depending how many people you are servicing I would definitely recommend getting a good quality iSCSI SAN (they are pretty cheap now) and you won't have these sort of issues then.

You can have extra drives sat in the SANs a HotSwaps so it will start to rebuild onto one of those drives if one or more of the in use drives fail.
If your NAS has the support for RAID 6 you should use it. RAID 6 can protect against 2 drive failing at the same time. The problem with RAID 5 is the stress are rebuilding the raid array can make another drive to fail.
warriorsTeahAuthor Commented:
So is mean during terastation process  of changing harddisk users  can not access  to the drive ?
Yes that's what it means,  these cheap-ish NAS drives don't have the juice to rebuild and allow access
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