SQL 2005 active/passive and database mirroring

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  I have two sites ( Site A , Site B ), in Site A i have two SQL servers configured as active/passive running windows 2003 64 bits and SQL 2005,  Im planning for a disaster recovery in site B, I have installed windows 2003 , SQL 2005 in site B, I need to replicate the Data using Database mirroring, can someone advise me how to combine sql active/passive with Database mirroring.

I need detailed steps if possible

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Scott PletcherConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:
Windows clusters share disk anyway, so clustering shouldn't affect database mirroring.
MrAliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please review this article:

Mirroring and clustering can work together but there's caveats that could cause a mirroring failover to occur during a cluster node failover, in certain scenarios.  

A mirroring failover will cause application downtime if your connection strings don't automatically go to the new IP through a 'failover' entry in the config.  

This isn't a issue when you are only using clustering and no mirroring, as when you failover in clustering since the connection string never changes, you hit a virtual clustered IP that never changes.  With mirroring, you go to a different machines IP.
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