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Hi experts:

I transfer via ftp many files from HP-UX O.S. into directory of windows machine

From HP-UX I run cksum command and I used fciv utility from windows.

Now I need to check the same command fciv on HP-UX O.S.

I tried md5sum openssl csum commands but It doesn't run.

Have you idea for similar command on HP-UX B.11.00?

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Alternatively use rsync to transfer the files, the tool utilises / incorporates MD5 logic to verify transmitted files, also allows transmissions to be resumed. Will save you a manual post transmission check.

You'll need a Windows rsync install or variant e.g. DeltaCopy, cwrsync, QtdSync.......
You'll have to install the md5 bundle.  A lot of proprietary Unix only have cksum by default.

Or you can install unix utils and run cksum in Windows
Some FTP clients and servers support the itegrity checking which allow you to validate a transfer.  

The Robo-FTP client has an /integrity option that can use the following raw FTP checksum commands:
XCRC (64-bit hash)
XMD5 (128-bit)
XSHA1 (160-bit)

Of course, for it to work the FTP server has to also support the command but that is not so unusual these days.
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