SC VMM 2008R2 deploying VM from template unable to rename VHD during process

Hi All

I have just installed SC VMM 2008R2 to manage my 2 node 2008 R2 Hyper-V cluster, I have created a Hardware Profile and a guest OS profile, i have created a template from an existing VM.

When i right click my template - New Virtual Machine it lanuches the wizzard, i then give the VM a name and click next, i am then onto the Configure hardware section, at this point  when i try and edit the VHD details under IDE Devices its all greyed out, it shows the path to the VHD that is part of my template which is called "W2k8R2STD-Template_disk_1.vhd

So when i am deploying VM's from this template even though the folder on the CSV is unique for each VM the actual VHD's are named the same as my template

Im sure this cant be correct, can anyone point out where i may be going wrong.

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Stelian StanNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Stelian StanNetwork AdministratorCommented:
What you need to do is to create the initial VHD and configure it as needed. Then you should open a command line and browsed to the 'C:\Windows\System32\sysprep' folder and ran the following command:

sysprep /oobe /generalize

Once this command is done running on the VM, it shuts it down and the VHD is now ready for deployment as an Out Of Box Experience (oobe) and Generalized machine with no SID.

A really good document on this is the two part:
ncomperAuthor Commented:
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