Display Month Name And Year Instead Of Complete Date in SSRS

Hi All,
           I have a sample data like this..I have added the cases for the particular worker in the table..My question is that when displaying the cases  I need to subtotal them by Month and Year. For example,  instead of date 2011-04-30 I have to display...like April 2011... and have a subtotal for April 2011 ...can anyone please help me with this...?

312   KRISTI  WHITE                 865400          2011-04-30   2
312   JOANN  BLACK                1000264311   2011-04-30   3
312   KRISTI  BLUE                   1000430815   2011-04-30   1
Total for April 2011:                                                           6

312   HELEN  GREEN              1000660614     2011-05-30   1
312   JOAN WHITE                  1002371318      2011-05-30   2
Total for May 2011:                                                              3

312   ELLA RED                       2003722520     2011-06-03   4
Total for June 2011:                                                             4

Is there a way to achieve this in SSRS?
Please note that the date is only one field. and I can't seperate it into month/day/year as I can't touch the stored procedure.
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ValentinoVConnect With a Mentor BI ConsultantCommented:
Given the fact that you can't change the stored proc, another option that you have is adding a calculated field to your dataset.  To do that, right-click the dataset and select "Add Calculated Field".  Give it a name, something like Period or perhaps GroupingPeriod, and use an expression such as:

=DatePart(DateInterval.Year, Fields!OrderDate.Value) & DatePart(DateInterval.Month, Fields!OrderDate.Value)

That gives you a field to group on.  You could add an additional calculated field to be displayed, containing a result such as "April 2011".  Have a look at the MonthName function if you'd like that.

Here's an article about calculated fields with a screenshot on how to add them: http://blog.hoegaerden.be/2011/03/07/cascading-calculated-fields-ssrs/
Just change the textbox property where you are denoting the value as the below expression in the expression field.
=MonthName(Month(YourDate)) + " " +Year(YourDate).ToString()
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
DAte Foramt
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