Concatenating 4 fields to form a date value using VBScript


I am trying to concatenate 4 fields so that the dates form like this "##/##/####".

This is the current logic that parses correctly but I have some values that have single digits that need to have leading zeros so that it is in the format that I need.

DTSDestination("WAM") = DTSSource("LM_PropSaleMth") & "/" & DTSSource("LM_PropSaleDay") & "/" & DTSSource("LM_PropSaleCentury") & DTSSource("LM_PropSaleYr2Digits")


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Patrick MatthewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DTSDestination("WAM") = Right("0" & DTSSource("LM_PropSaleMth"), 2) & "/" & _
    Right("0" & DTSSource("LM_PropSaleDay"), 2) & "/" & _
    DTSSource("LM_PropSaleCentury") & DTSSource("LM_PropSaleYr2Digits")

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