SBS2011 Premium backup solution

How do you backup Small Business Server 2011 Premium installed on a single, physical server? (see setup below).
The backup needs to go to an external drive. The restore should be able to retrieve individual folder and/or files.  Hopefully, the restore could  grab individual Exchange mailboxes.  I’m looking for the Microsoft solution first.  Things like AppAsure and VSphere require a separate physical server and other licensure to work – which is unacceptable for small businesses on smaller budgets.

Here is the setup:
SBS 2011 Premium on a single physical, dual-cpu, quad-core Xeon E5620 HP Proliant with 32 GB RAM and USB3 attached external 3TB storage.
Host OS "HYPERV" - 2008R2 with Hyper-V only
VM OS "GUEST1" - 2008R2 SBS w/Exchange
VM OS "GUEST2" - 2008R2 W/SQL and RDP
NOTE:  HYPERV is not part of Active Directory.

MS backup doesn’t seem to allow access to the HOST OS external USB3 device as a scheduled task
Not sure if there needs to be some kind of USB “passthrough”
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As much as I like the built-in windows server backup tool, it isn't well suited for multiple servers (or multiple VMs) and it sounds like you want features that are also not built into the MS solution. You will probably have to look at 3rd-party solutions to achieve what you want. For smaller environments, I like BackupAssist personally. StorageCraft's ShadowProtect is also a great product, but a bit more expensive with a robust feature set.

Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The SBS back up is very simple to use and very dependable.  It allows for easy system restore or file restore, it does not allow for individual mailbox restores.  The following outlines for SBS 2008 biut it is the same for SBS 2011.

At first you mentioned SBS on a physical server.  If so the above works well.  However later you mention it is a VM.  In that case you cannot attached to a physical disk so you need emulator like software that makes the physical disk attached to the host appear as if attached to the SBS.  Fabulatech's USB over Network is a common solution to deal with that
USER8719Author Commented:
RobWill:  You said "At first you mentioned SBS on a physical server".  The paradigm for SBS Premium has shifted to a SBS Premuim configuration.  I no longer view it as an operating system but as multi-part configuration of systems.  So, my terminology may seem strange to you and other readers.  

This SBS 2011 Premium configuration (by my necessity) resides on a single, physical box because I don't want to purchase a second box for MS SQL.  Per Microsoft guidance, this means I now need to run 3 OSs. So, the SBS OS (if you will) ends up being a VM.

Thanks for your links, I'll check them out and report back.  I am using a USB-redirector from Incentive Pro, but it has mutual exclusive operation from for each VM.  I'll check out Fabulatech.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
No problem that is a common configuration I just wanted to confirm the current set up.  Fabulatech has worked well for us on numerous sites well as others here.  They have a trial period with which you can test it.
USER8719Author Commented:

I'm assuming BackupAssist and ShadowProtect don't require a separate server and they would also need something like what RobWill suggested along the lines of Fabulatech's USB over Network.

I'll take a look.
USER8719Author Commented:
The 3rd Party Solution with the use of a USB connection "through" the virtual environment looks best.  Word of caution - stay with USB 2 when it comes to the USB connections.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks USER8719.

I shouldn't answer on Cliff's behalf, but 3rd party backup solutions such as BackupAssit and ShadowProtect offer a wider range of destination targets for the backup, such as network shares so that you do not necessarily need an add on like Fabulatech.

As for Fabulatech, which I have used on many occations, KernelPro was recently highly recommended to me for the same purpose but I have not tried it yet.  It is also less expensive.

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