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Posted on 2012-09-07
Last Modified: 2012-09-07

I have this string in a field:

Dec 7, 14 (0.5)
Dec 8 (0.75)
Dec 1 (1 hr)

I'm wondering how I can get the day of the week when I extract the first date. The first dates in this case are:
Dec 7
Dec 8
Dec 1

It's for the year 2011 but I would like to keep the year as a variable.

Thank you,
Question by:Victor Kimura
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    Expert Comment

    by:Guru Ji
    To get the name of the day, you can try the format function

    ? format(date, "dddd")

    But there are other ways to work with this, too, for instance the weekday function

    ? weekday(date)

     - note that default is that sunday is first day, for other, use

    ? weekday(date, vbMonday)

    Also In Access, the Weekday function returns a number representing the day of the week (a number from 1 to 7) given a date value.

    You can assign that number with strings like Monday - Sunday

    See example of use of Weekday function
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    Assisted Solution

    Weekday function is part of it.

    Give this query a try for the year 2011:

    SELECT WeekdayName(Weekday(YourField  ", "  & "2011")) AS DayOfTheWeek
    FROM YourTable

    This is assuming that you have extracted the first part of the date as you mentioned in your original post.
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    Assisted Solution

    If you want this in VBA rather than a query:

    Function GetWeekdayName (DateString as string, intYear as Integer)
             GetWeekdayName =  WeekdayName(Weekday(DateString ", "  & intYear))
    End Function

    Open in new window

    You would call that function like this -- using a msgBox for example purposes:

    Msgbox GetWeekDayName("Dec 7", 2011)

    Msgbox GetWeekDayName("Dec 15", 2012)


    Author Comment

    by:Victor Kimura
    Hi mbizup,

    That's great! It's a bit of a silly question but how do I run that. I saved it as a Module for my database (see the snapshot) and then when I click on Run this Macros pop-up box comes up.

    Like this code runs when I click on Run but when I created the function the Macros window opens instead. How come?

    Option Compare Database

    Sub SelectIntoX()

        Dim dbs As Database
        Dim vendor_name As String
        Dim rsCount As Integer
        Dim N As Integer
        Dim I As Integer
        Dim ItemLineSeqNo As Integer
        Dim ItemLineItemRefListID As String
        Dim ItemLineItemRefFullName As String
        Dim ItemLineDesc As String
        Dim student_name As String
        Dim first_date As String
        Dim comma_exists As Integer
        Dim date_raw As String
        Dim date_formatted As String

        ' Modify this line to include the path to Northwind
        ' on your computer.
        Set dbs = OpenDatabase("F:\BackUp\ClientsWebsite\OMusicStudios\BackUp\BackUp_G_USB\Administration\Quickbooks\MSAccess\qb_export_12_30_11_2101.accdb")

        Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset("SELECT BillItemLine.*" _
        & "FROM BillItemLine WHERE (((BillItemLine.[VendorRefFullName]) Like '*sunshine*') AND ((BillItemLine.[TxnID])='20A8D-1325181637'));")
        rsCount = rst.RecordCount
        'N = 3
        'For I = 0 To rsCount
        '    name = rst.Fields(0)
        'Next I
        If rst.EOF Then
           MsgBox "No records found"
           Exit Sub
        End If
        I = 0
        Do Until rst.EOF
            I = I + 1
            'MsgBox "The value of field VendorRefFullName is " & rst!VendorRefFullName
            vendor_name = rst!VendorRefFullName
            ItemLineSeqNo = rst!ItemLineSeqNo
            ItemLineItemRefListID = rst!ItemLineItemRefListID
            ItemLineItemRefFullName = rst!ItemLineItemRefFullName
            ItemLineDesc = rst!ItemLineDesc
            student_name = Right(ItemLineItemRefFullName, Len(ItemLineItemRefFullName) - InStr(1, ItemLineItemRefFullName, ":"))


    End Sub
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    Assisted Solution

    Go into the VBA Editor and place this in the immediate window (It is a smaller window in the editor usually located below the code window):

    Msgbox GetWeekDayName("Dec 7", 2011)

    Hit "enter" after typing or placing that in the immediate window...
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    Assisted Solution

    Also, this line

    ---->>> Msgbox GetWeekDayName("Dec 7", 2011)

    Should not go in with the rest of the code.

    Just type it into the immediate window and hit enter.
    LVL 61

    Accepted Solution

    Here's a correction to the code.  It was missing an ampersand:

    Function GetWeekdayName(DateString As String, intYear As Integer)
             GetWeekdayName = WeekdayName(Weekday(DateString & ", " & intYear))
    End Function

    Open in new window

    And this shows how you would test it from the immediate window:Weekday function

    Author Closing Comment

    by:Victor Kimura
    thanks! that's helpful!

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