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Linux Top Command

When i run the linux top command it shows my SQL processor utilization from a low of 90% to a high of 206%.  How can the percent utilization be higher than 100?

Also, when i look at the load average it shows me 2%.  Why is there such a variation between the two numbers?
3 Solutions
Processor utilization of 100% means that one processor's worth is fully utilized.

So if there are several processors (cores) the utilization might well reach more than 100%
for a multi-threaded process.

ps -fm -p <pid>

will show you all threads of the process with ID <pid>

Load is not measured in percent, it is the absolute number of runnable threads (running or ready to run) at a given point in time, averaged over the last 1-, 5- and 15-minute intervals.
As wmp said, a multi processor/core server, if each processor/core is running at 100% used you get over 100%, dont I know, you'd have thought they would have aggregated it wouldnt you...

anyway, once you know you can get used to it, even though it does sound a little high if it's like that for long periods.
Just to throw in my two sense so to speak, basically you are seeing more than 100% because you have a multi-core/multi-cpu setup. Say you have a quad-core cpu, then potentially you can see 400%, which at that point would be bad...

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