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I have the following Word document. I would like to adjust it so that the last row on the first page (Date/Advisor) appears at the top of the second page. However, I can't get it to do that without the bottom line of the table falling outside the printable area. I would like the bottom margin of the table on the first page and the top marginof the table on the second page be within the margins . I have tried adjusting it but just can't seem to get it to work.
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Just to reinforce the point:-

I cannot be sure that your last row is the same as the last row in my environment.

Word sees its duty as one that will print as best it can in the current situation. You can influence in anticipation where a page break will fall with a manual page break, but if a page break is necessary, it will happen - otherwise text would be lost at the bottom in some unprintable area of a page.
Pagination in Word is generally done to fit the current environment, with especial reference to the printer driver.

So, in general, page breaks are calculated dynamically.

However, there are some settings that influence where Word makes the page break. These include the paragraph settings, 'Keep with Next', 'Keep lines together', and the Row table setting 'Allow row to break across pages'.

If you want a particular table to split between pages, it would be better to split the table in two, add a page break and start a new table after the break.
geeta_m9Author Commented:
Putting in the manual page break on the last row as you suggested, made the difference.

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