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Greetings: I have a terminal server that is hosting a Point of Sale system (POS). The POS uses two printers, one for receipts and one for tags (UPS codes). If I do not disable the “Use Terminal Services Easy Print printer driver first” in Group Policy, then both printers use the Terminal Server Easy Print driver.

The problem is that the receipt printer (Ithaca Itherm280) works great, but the label printer (Zebra LP2844) does not work correctly. If I go back into group policy and DISABLE the “Use Terminal Services Easy Print printer driver first” then both printers will use their manufacturer installed drivers. In this scenario the label printer (Zebra) works and the receipt printer (Ithaca) generates an error when trying to print. The error shows up in the printer monitor window and I have to cancel the document from the que.

When I look at the event viewer, I see that the print error boils down to “The requested resource is in use” Microsoft says the problem is with the printer or the driver. I know it is a driver issue because the Easy Print Driver works.

I need to have the Label Printer (Zebra) use the manufacturer driver and the receipt printer (Ithaca) use the easy print driver? I have tried manually assigning the drivers, but after log off /on the printers either use the easy print driver or they use the manufacturer driver depending on what group policy I have set.

I have tried uninstalling the manufacturer driver for the Ithaca, but if the group policy is disabled for easy print driver, then the session just uploads the driver from the workstation. Any ideas? The issue could also be that I need a better Ithaca driver, but I am stuck there as well as the only one I know of is from the manufacturer.
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Davis McCarnConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Here is how to use a specified driver for the Zebra: http://www.techbunny.com/2010/04/when-easy-print-doesnt-print.html
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