cheapest 4g phone

can you recommend the cheapest 4g phone? (no contract)

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nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
September 10, 2012:
T-Mobile announced today that it will support the iPhone on its network, even though the Bellevue-based carrier doesn’t sell Apple’s smartphone itself.

T-Mobile hopes that its unlimited data plan and 4G network (with HPSA+ spectrum, not yet LTE) will be enough of a draw that people will switch.
n2fcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Apple doesn't make one (yet)... iPhone 5 MIGHT be 4G this week, but I doubt it'll be cheap!

Can't really answer the question without knowing the carrier you intend to use!

Prices of phones vary with each carrier!
JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Also, make sure you want cheap. Cheap almost never equates with quality and longevity. I use an Apple 4s (3G) and it is fine. Wait for iPhone 5 if you want 4G.  But as stated above, Apple is not cheap.

... Thinkpads_User
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Molnar IstvánConnect With a Mentor HelpDesk / ProgrammerCommented:
a good and a cheap Android phone is Huawei Ascend G300, ~100£. see specification here:

hope it helps
Scott CConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EnginerCommented:
I just got an LG Android Lucid phone.  The last I saw the price was $79.99 and it definitly is 4G.

This phone was purchased by my office for me so I didn't have any say but I have been very pleased with it.

I have 4G and it also has wireless hotspot capability.

Check with your service provider to see what payment plan works best for you.

Also spending tons of money doesn't equate to quality.  My wife bought an iPhone less than 3 years ago and she is on her 4th one (I think...I gave up counting after 3).

I had a little Samsung flip-phone that worked for over 6 years that I couldn't kill.  The battery still holds a great charge and would still be using it if my job demands would have allowed it.
25112Author Commented:
thanks for the good ideas and where we stand with apple..

n2fc,i am looking for t-mobile..

ScottCha, can you give a link for the $79.99 price?

quicksilver17, the link says it is $500.. where did you get it for 100pounds.
Molnar IstvánConnect With a Mentor HelpDesk / ProgrammerCommented:
nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
"i am looking for t-mobile."

T-Mobile launches campaign to lure iPhone users.
Signing an iPhone up for T-Mobile service has been possible for years, and the company says it has more than a million iPhones on its network. But they suffer a big penalty in data speeds, taking about 50 times longer to download files than on AT&T Inc.'s network.
T-Mobile's pitch will center on its unlimited data plan, which it reintroduced last week.
T-Mobile will be giving away $100 gift cards to customers who sign their iPhones up for two-year contracts.
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