GTX 690 .......

Thermal and Power Specs:
98 CMaximum GPU Tempurature (in C)
300 WMaximum Graphics Card Power (W)
650 WMinimum System Power Requirement (W)

As 650W ....which hp computer support this card....hp elite 8200 / hp elite 8100 ??????
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if needed, calculate the power you need here :

then you decide what PSU you need
I would recommend getting one with a mid-size tower...
then swapping its stock power supply for a
PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 750W , or a
CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750.

Those both have at least two 6+2 PCI-e plugs, which is what that card should use for power.
I would not try to run a card like that on a 'stock' 650W power supply.

Here's a site that tests its power consumption

According to that page, even without overclocking at idle it draws about 130W, and under full load it draws over 400W by itself... at 12V, that's over 33A... those 750W supplies can put out 62A on 12V, so the video card would be drawing half the power they can make if you're actually using it flat out all the time, such as a distributed computing program like BOINC could do.
techpAuthor Commented:
so can use a desktop with powersupply 340w
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probably not, since the card already can take up to 300W
that's why i posted the calculator
select the system you want, and putall devices into the calculator

or just select a PS above 700W
techpAuthor Commented:
hello nobus,

 which hp computer has more than 700w powersupply . i cant find
I would just get one with the options (CPU/HDD/RAM/OS) desired, then put one of those 750W power supplies in it.
If you buy a refurbished unit like
you'll probably have less invested in the computer and power supply than the GTX690 costs.
as said, if you want to use that card, install just a 700 W PS
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