Using PowerDirector 10 to Import miniDV


This is a follow-up to a recent question.  I purchased a PCI Firewire card so I can digitize my library of miniDV tapes that were shot using a Sony DCR-TRV20 camcorder.  I have dozens of tapes and want to be sure I do this efficiently while maintaining the highest quality possible.

I am using Power Director 10.  I read somewhere that I should import the video in DV-AVI format because that is what it was shot in.  Is this correct?

PD 10 digitized the entire 40 minute tape, even though the last 10 minutes were blank.  Is there a setting that would prevent this?

What is the best way to trim the AVI file into multiple parts while keeping it in its original format?  Should I use PD or some other freeware software?  What setting should I use?

Hope this makes sense as I am writing this at 2 am!

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi MrChips,
did you see any error messages when loading the clip?
Have all the clips fully populated into those thumbnails?
This screenshot is it showing a DV-AVI on WLMM?
The original format?
Is this the 1 gig sized video? you made earlier?

Which version of WLMM did you download? 2012?

Black screen can be related to directshow and is either a problem with video card drivers or missing a codecs.
Ok, just to clear it in my head again, you have windows 7 x64?
Any codecs installed?
Which are?<<<<
If I recall you installed a codec pack?
Was this for windows 7 x 64?
This page indicates these video are supported by Windows 7 systems.
Gspot can tell us what codecs are used in this DV.AVI, and which is missing in order to play it.

If you haven't already done so, try downloading and installing the latest version of ffdshow and see what happens.
AC3 Filter 2.5b

But please let me know if you currently do have K-lite codec installed? as it may include these
It may include an older version, if so uninstall K-lite first.
The codecs I have on my windows 7 32 bit is
Latest divx player with divx pro
 K-lite pack
These provide to me everything I need to work with all video formats.
To add if you close WLMM and reload this clip does it work?
WLMM with dv avi on
Hi Mrchips, not to my knowledge when you use Import>>PD 10 digitized the entire 40 minute tape, even though the last 10 minutes were blank.  
Is there a setting that would prevent this.
If you were to use capture then there is some options. You set it to detect scenes, but if the video was recorded regardless if it is blank it is still marked on the tape as a recording. I dont of a tool that can tell if it is black recording and useless.
Edit Preferences>Capture. But since your using File import  may not be applicable.

with refs to>
 I read somewhere that I should import the video in DV-AVI format because that is what it was shot in.  Is this correct?<< not to my knowledge, just allow it to import as is,
 all I have with my PDD 10 settings in import from.>Media device>media folder, no settings about import the video in a specific format. Other than the drop down box
All files.

What is the best way to trim the AVI file into multiple parts while keeping it in its original format? << I dont have any DV avi to show you step by step, but to split a file
If you have an account with Cyberlink they provided great tutorials
On this page is How to use the Multi trim on numerous Video 12 1 2_-1_2
If you dont wish to make an account
Here's a another
5-7 Using Multi Trim
 The trimmed portions will only be saved in the project.
The source videoclip is not changed
Have I mentioned to you before that you can use WLMM to split the clip with no loss of quality?
Using a firewire connection to your camera which you have?
Then you get a video file with the original quality as long as you choose DV-AVI as the storage format in WLMM save settings or Export as.
How to Split a Video into Sections PDD
I use WLMM to do some of my work instead of PDD
1- Edit and set start and endsave movie for computerSet end pointUndo and set the next start and end pointWindows Live Moviemaker can also split the video. and reduce the output size.
I can show you how.
If you were to split the video into three segments, you can still drop these 3 parts into your DVD authoring software and they will merge as one on the DVD.
You can even use them as chapters so that when you open the DVD set them on the main menue as chapters.
To illustrate,
 I have used a small .mov in WLMM and show you the difference in the size output.
ok movie loaded already and now just click save for computer
save movie forGive it name, as you see it is high definition mp4
high def mp4 But you have choices, just remember that the output size is based on the video scale used.
MrChip2Author Commented:
Hi Merete,

Sorry for not replying sooner.  A few things came up and I will not be able to put your recommendations to the test until this weekend.  I would prefer waiting until then to close the question.
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Hello MrChips2
No worries, just post a note/ ping so the mods dont close it as abandoned.
I just noticed that my PDD snaps were not there? at the top part
Maybe I missed them
here they are
Import files types settingsPDD 10 capture settings if you are capturing
MrChip2Author Commented:
Hi Merete,

I installed WLMM and have used it to capture several full length tapes.  I wanted to test your suggestion about clipping the DV-AVI files in their original format.  I must be doing something wrong because when I add a video to a project and then play it the preview screen remains blank even though I can hear the sound.  If I open the file in Windows Media Player, the video and sound play fine.  Here is a screenshot of what I am seeing.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong?  It is a bot difficult to edit the video without any picture :)
MrChip2Author Commented:
Hi Merete,

Thanks for hanging in there.  I first opened the video in Gspot and here is what it said:

Opened Video in Gspot - here is output
I then copied all of the codecs listed in Gspot and here is the output:

 ¤       Video      AVI Decompressor      {CF49D4E0-1115-11CE-B03A-0020AF0BA770}      0x00600000      quartz.dll
ACM      FmtTag: 0x0011          IMA ADPCM CODEC for MSACM      msacm.imaadpcm      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> imaadp32.acm
ACM      FmtTag: 0x0006          Microsoft CCITT G.711 (A-Law and u-Law) CODEC for MSACM      msacm.msg711      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> msg711.acm
ACM      FmtTag: 0x0007          Microsoft CCITT G.711 (A-Law and u-Law) CODEC for MSACM      msacm.msg711      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> msg711.acm
ACM      FmtTag: 0x0031          Microsoft GSM 6.10 Audio CODEC for MSACM      msacm.msgsm610      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> msgsm32.acm
ACM      FmtTag: 0x0002          Microsoft ADPCM CODEC for MSACM      msacm.msadpcm      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> msadp32.acm
ACM      FmtTag: 0x0055          MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec for MSACM      msacm.l3acm      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> l3codeca.acm
ACM      FmtTag: 0x0055          MPEG Audio Layer-3 Codec for MSACM      msacm.l3codecp      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> l3codecp.acm
DMO       MP4S          Mpeg4s Decoder DMO      {2A11BAE2-FE6E-4249-864B-9E9ED6E8DBC2}      0x00800001      qasf.dll --> mp4sdecd.dll
DMO      MSS1      WMV Screen decoder DMO      {7BAFB3B1-D8F4-4279-9253-27DA423108DE}      0x00000000      qasf.dll --> wmvsdecd.dll
DMO      WMV1      WMVideo Decoder DMO      {82D353DF-90BD-4382-8BC2-3F6192B76E34}      0x00800001      qasf.dll --> wmvdecod.dll
DMO       MP43          Mpeg43 Decoder DMO      {CBA9E78B-49A3-49EA-93D4-6BCBA8C4DE07}      0x00800001      qasf.dll --> mp43decd.dll
DMO       MPG4          Mpeg4 Decoder DMO      {F371728A-6052-4D47-827C-D039335DFE0A}      0x00800001      qasf.dll --> mpg4decd.dll
DMO      FmtTag: 0x0160          WMAudio Decoder DMO      {2EEB4ADF-4578-4D10-BCA7-BB955F56320A}      0x00800800      qasf.dll --> WMADMOD.DLL
DMO      WMAudioV9      WMAPro over S/PDIF DMO      {5210F8E4-B0BB-47C3-A8D9-7B2282CC79ED}      0x00000000      qasf.dll --> WMADMOD.DLL
DMO      WMSP1      WMSpeech Decoder DMO      {874131CB-4ECC-443B-8948-746B89595D20}      0x00000000      qasf.dll --> WMSPDMOD.DLL
DMO      FmtTag: 0x0055          MP3 Decoder DMO      {BBEEA841-0A63-4F52-A7AB-A9B3A84ED38A}      0x00000000      qasf.dll --> mp3dmod.dll
DSH      MPEG1Packet      MPEG Video Decoder      {FEB50740-7BEF-11CE-9BD9-0000E202599C}      0x40000001      quartz.dll
DSH      MPEG1Packet      MPEG Audio Decoder      {4A2286E0-7BEF-11CE-9BD9-0000E202599C}      0x03680001      quartz.dll
DSH      FmtTag: 0x0160          WMAudio Decoder DMO      {2EEB4ADF-4578-4D10-BCA7-BB955F56320A}      0x00800800      WMADMOD.DLL
DSH       MP4S          Mpeg4s Decoder DMO      {2A11BAE2-FE6E-4249-864B-9E9ED6E8DBC2}      0x00800001      mp4sdecd.dll
DSH      WMV1      WMVideo Decoder DMO      {82D353DF-90BD-4382-8BC2-3F6192B76E34}      0x00800001      wmvdecod.dll
DSH       MP43          Mpeg43 Decoder DMO      {CBA9E78B-49A3-49EA-93D4-6BCBA8C4DE07}      0x00800001      mp43decd.dll
DSH       MPG4          Mpeg4 Decoder DMO      {F371728A-6052-4D47-827C-D039335DFE0A}      0x00800001      mpg4decd.dll
DSH       XVID          Xvid MPEG-4 Video Decoder      {64697678-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}      0x00800000
DSH      DVSD      DV Video Decoder      {B1B77C00-C3E4-11CF-AF79-00AA00B67A42}      0x00800000      qdv.dll
DSH      IYUV      WMVideo8 Encoder DMO      {7E320092-596A-41B2-BBEB-175D10504EB6}      0x00600800      wmvxencd.dll
DSH      IYUV      WMVideo9 Encoder DMO      {D23B90D0-144F-46BD-841D-59E4EB19DC59}      0x00600800      wmvencod.dll
DSH      RGB24      MSScreen 9 encoder DMO      {F7FFE0A0-A4F5-44B5-949E-15ED2BC66F9D}      0x00600800      wmvsencd.dll
DSH      PCM      WM Speech Encoder DMO      {1F1F4E1A-2252-4063-84BB-EEE75F8856D5}      0x00600800      WMSPDMOE.DLL
DSH      PCM      WMAudio Encoder DMO      {70F598E9-F4AB-495A-99E2-A7C4D3D89ABF}      0x00600800      WMADMOE.DLL
DSH      WMAudioV9      WMAPro over S/PDIF DMO      {5210F8E4-B0BB-47C3-A8D9-7B2282CC79ED}      0x00600800      WMADMOD.DLL
DSH      WMSP1      WMSpeech Decoder DMO      {874131CB-4ECC-443B-8948-746B89595D20}      0x00600800      WMSPDMOD.DLL
DSH      FmtTag: 0x0055          MP3 Decoder DMO      {BBEEA841-0A63-4F52-A7AB-A9B3A84ED38A}      0x00600800      mp3dmod.dll
DSH      MSS1      WMV Screen decoder DMO      {7BAFB3B1-D8F4-4279-9253-27DA423108DE}      0x00600800      wmvsdecd.dll
DSH      MJPG      AVI Draw      {A888DF60-1E90-11CF-AC98-00AA004C0FA9}      0x00600064      quartz.dll
DSH      AUXLine21Data      Line 21 Decoder 2      {E4206432-01A1-4BEE-B3E1-3702C8EDC574}      0x00600002      quartz.dll
DSH            BDA MPEG2 Transport Information Filter      {FC772AB0-0C7F-11D3-8FF2-00A0C9224CF4}      0x00600000
DSH            MPEG-2 Sections and Tables      {C666E115-BB62-4027-A113-82D643FE2D99}      0x00600000
DSH      VPVideo      Video Port Manager      {6F26A6CD-967B-47FD-874A-7AED2C9D25A2}      0x00600000      quartz.dll
DSH      Audio      PBDA DTFilter      {09144FD6-BB29-11DB-96F1-005056C00008}      0x00600000      CPFilters.dll
DSH      Audio      Decrypt/Tag      {C4C4C4F2-0049-4E2B-98FB-9537F6CE516D}      0x00600000      EncDec.dll
DSH      Avi      AVI Splitter      {1B544C20-FD0B-11CE-8C63-00AA0044B51E}      0x00600000      quartz.dll
DSH      DOLBY_AC3      AC3 Parser Filter      {280A3020-86CF-11D1-ABE6-00A0C905F375}      0x00600000
DSH      MJPG      MJPEG Decompressor      {301056D0-6DFF-11D2-9EEB-006008039E37}      0x00600000      quartz.dll
DSH      Audio      ACM Wrapper      {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00600000      quartz.dll
DSH      AUXLine21Data      Line 21 Decoder      {6E8D4A20-310C-11D0-B79A-00AA003767A7}      0x00600000      qdvd.dll
DSH      VPVBI      VBI Surface Allocator      {814B9800-1C88-11D1-BAD9-00609744111A}      0x00600000
DSH            iTV Data Capture filter      {8A51DC27-5A35-4E02-95A3-428BC6244A3C}      0x00600000      itvdata.dll
DSH      MPEG2_TRANSPORT      MPEG-2 Demultiplexer      {AFB6C280-2C41-11D3-8A60-0000F81E0E4A}      0x00600000
DSH      MPEG1System      MPEG-I Stream Splitter      {336475D0-942A-11CE-A870-00AA002FEAB5}      0x00600000      quartz.dll
DSH      DVSD      DV Splitter      {4EB31670-9FC6-11CF-AF6E-00AA00B67A42}      0x00600000      qdv.dll
DSH      VBI      VBI Codec      {370A1D5D-DDEB-418C-81CD-189E0D4FA443}      0x00600000
DSH      MPEG2_PROGRAM      MPEG-2 Splitter      {3AE86B20-7BE8-11D1-ABE6-00A0C905F375}      0x005fffff
DSH      DOLBY_AC3      Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder      {E1F1A0B8-BEEE-490D-BA7C-066C40B5E2B9}      0x005fffff      msmpeg2adec.dll
DSH      MPEG2_VIDEO      Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder      {212690FB-83E5-4526-8FD7-74478B7939CD}      0x005fffff      msmpeg2vdec.dll
DSH      RGB8      Color Space Converter      {1643E180-90F5-11CE-97D5-00AA0055595A}      0x00400001      quartz.dll
DSH      WAVE      Wave Parser      {D51BD5A1-7548-11CF-A520-0080C77EF58A}      0x00400000      quartz.dll
DSH      Midi      MIDI Parser      {D51BD5A2-7548-11CF-A520-0080C77EF58A}      0x00400000      quartz.dll
DSH      Stream      Multi-file Parser      {D51BD5A3-7548-11CF-A520-0080C77EF58A}      0x00400000      quartz.dll
DSH      File      File stream renderer      {D51BD5A5-7548-11CF-A520-0080C77EF58A}      0x00400000      quartz.dll
DSH      RGB8      VGA 16 Color Ditherer      {1DA08500-9EDC-11CF-BC10-00AA00AC74F6}      0x00400000      quartz.dll
DSH      Stream      SAMI (CC) Parser      {33FACFE0-A9BE-11D0-A520-00A0D10129C0}      0x00400000      quartz.dll
DSH      Avi      AVI Mux      {E2510970-F137-11CE-8B67-00AA00A3F1A6}      0x00200000      qcap.dll
DSH      DVSD      WMT Virtual Renderer      {080D588E-9756-455B-BBDA-E8BCF9EC7769}      0x00200000      WLXVAFilt.dll
DSH            File Writer      {781C76F5-5F6B-4F84-A987-FE6063313925}      0x00200000      WLXVAFilt.dll
DSH            File writer      {8596E5F0-0DA5-11D0-BD21-00A0C911CE86}      0x00200000      qcap.dll
DSH      YUY2      Microsoft MPEG-2 Encoder      {5F5AFF4A-2F7F-4279-88C2-CD88EB39D144}      0x00200000      msmpeg2enc.dll
DSH            Infinite Pin Tee Filter      {F8388A40-D5BB-11D0-BE5A-0080C706568E}      0x00200000      qcap.dll
DSH      Audio      IMA ADPCM      {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
DSH      Audio      PCM      {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
DSH      Audio      Microsoft ADPCM      {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
DSH      Audio      GSM 6.10      {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
DSH      Audio      CCITT A-Law      {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
DSH      Audio      CCITT u-Law      {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
DSH      Audio      MPEG Layer-3      {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
DSH      Video      WMT VIH2 Fix      {080D0809-7456-4FBC-8493-0D2BF99EA48C}      0x00200000      WLXVAFilt.dll
DSH      Video      Record Queue      {080D11FB-A303-4514-88FE-7DDA4DFE9E4B}      0x00200000      WLXVAFilt.dll
DSH      Video      WMT Switch Filter      {080D1473-5FEA-4029-875C-53EE96549ACC}      0x00200000      WLXVAFilt.dll
DSH      Video      WMT DV Extract      {080D5974-4B61-458B-921B-17628E423713}      0x00200000      WLXVAFilt.dll
DSH      Video      WMT Sample Information Filter      {080DFEE8-4097-4BAB-B7A7-1B11F4958213}      0x00200000      WLXVAFilt.dll
DSH      YUY2      Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Encoder      {42150CD9-CA9A-4EA5-9939-30EE037F6E74}      0x00200000      msmpeg2enc.dll
DSH      Video      Overlay Mixer2      {A0025E90-E45B-11D1-ABE9-00A0C905F375}      0x00200000      qdvd.dll
DSH      PCM      Microsoft MPEG-2 Audio Encoder      {ACD453BC-C58A-44D1-BBF5-BFB325BE2D78}      0x00200000      msmpeg2enc.dll
DSH      TELETEXT      WST Pager      {AD6C8934-F31B-4F43-B5E4-0541C1452F6F}      0x00200000
DSH            SampleGrabber      {C1F400A0-3F08-11D3-9F0B-006008039E37}      0x00200000      qedit.dll
DSH      PCM      Microsoft AC3 Encoder      {C6B400E2-20A7-4E58-A2FE-24619682CE6C}      0x00200000      msac3enc.dll
DSH      Video      Smart Tee      {CC58E280-8AA1-11D1-B3F1-00AA003761C5}      0x00200000      qcap.dll
DSH            Closed Captions Analysis Filter      {3D07A539-35CA-447C-9B05-8D85CE924F9E}      0x00200000      cca.dll
REND            RDP DShow Redirection Filter      {AB9D6472-752F-43F6-B29E-61207BDA8E06}      0xffffffff      DShowRdpFilter.dll
REND      ScriptCommand      Internal Script Command Renderer      {48025243-2D39-11CE-875D-00608CB78066}      0x00800001      quartz.dll
REND      Video      Video Renderer      {6BC1CFFA-8FC1-4261-AC22-CFB4CC38DB50}      0x00800001      quartz.dll
REND      Midi      Default MidiOut Device      {07B65360-C445-11CE-AFDE-00AA006C14F4}      0x00800000      quartz.dll
REND      PCM      Default DirectSound Device      {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00800000      quartz.dll
REND            iTV Data Sink      {88EBC1EE-F90A-484A-B9C5-8F9C0F37A828}      0x00600000      itvdata.dll
REND      Video      Video Renderer      {70E102B0-5556-11CE-97C0-00AA0055595A}      0x00400000      quartz.dll
REND      Video      Enhanced Video Renderer      {FA10746C-9B63-4B6C-BC49-FC300EA5F256}      0x00200000      evr.dll
REND      Midi      Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth      {07B65360-C445-11CE-AFDE-00AA006C14F4}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
REND      Audio      Speakers (Realtek High Definiti      {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
REND      Audio      Default WaveOut Device      {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
REND      PCM      DirectSound: Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)      {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
REND      PCM      DirectSound: Realtek Digital Output(Optical) (Realtek High Definition Audio)      {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
REND      PCM      DirectSound: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)      {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
REND      Audio      Realtek Digital Output (Realtek      {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
REND      Audio      Realtek Digital Output(Optical)      {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
REND      Video      Video Mixing Renderer 9      {51B4ABF3-748F-4E3B-A276-C828330E926A}      0x00200000      quartz.dll
REND            Null Renderer      {C1F400A4-3F08-11D3-9F0B-006008039E37}      0x00200000      qedit.dll
VFW      CVID      Cinepak Codec by Radius      vidc.cvid      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> iccvid.dll
VFW      I420      Intel IYUV codec      vidc.i420      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> iyuv_32.dll
VFW      IYUV      Intel IYUV codec      vidc.iyuv      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> iyuv_32.dll
VFW      MRLE      Microsoft RLE      vidc.mrle      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> msrle32.dll
VFW      MSVC      Microsoft Video 1      vidc.msvc      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> msvidc32.dll
VFW      XVID      Xvid MPEG-4 Codec      vidc.xvid      0x00200000      quartz.dll --> xvidvfw.dll
MrChip2Author Commented:

Must admit I am a bit sleep deprived right now.  I did open and close WLMM several times - got the same result.  I noticed the filmstrip shown in WLMM is missing a big part of the recorded video.  The last 15 minutes or so are not even showing.  When I preview the video in Windows Player everything plays fine.  

Hello Mr Chip,
8 gigs that's a lot.
Have you tired just converting it first?
Go to file save movie select a high def mp4
see if it will do that then load it on again in the new format then see if ti plays and then you edit it. Should be smaller and more suitable format.
2 points>
(1) those thumbnails the last don't load could cause the black screen.
(2) No audio codecs listed?? in Gspot
DVC/DV-Video is a fourCC codec
when you drop it onto Gspot go to VID1then Vid 2then vid 3
and then a screen is available to play it

However me thinks this may also be video card driver problem.
I recently had a windows updates which updated my version of WLMM 2011 to Windows Moviemaker 2012 after that it wouldn't open?
I scratched my head with errors saying my system didn't  have the appropriate devices to run it??
After some soal searching I found I had to update my video card drivers much to my distaste as I dont like to update them too often. But after that it worked again.
Please up date the drivers for your video card.
If they Nvidia use Nvidia .
Select number 2 Automatically find drivers for my Nvidia Products
MS Internal driver: ATI/AMD: Publicly released drivers
Intel released drivers

Also when you installed WLMM is that including the entire windows Live Essentials?
Windows Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery can only be installed together because they share many features. That means that if you have an earlier version of either Movie Maker or Photo Gallery installed on your PC, you'll have both programs installed after you upgrade to the new versions.
You get some sleep I'll catch up tomorrow after work.
Night :)
MrChip2Author Commented:

You are a genius!  I ran the nVidia utility and found that my installed driver was very much out of date (even though I just assembled the PC a couple of months ago).  I have noticed that several times the Nvidia driver would crash, the screen would go black for a second, then come back on.  I upgraded the driver and can now preview the DV-AVI files in WLMM.  

So, just to be clear, do you recommend the following workflow:

1. Import entire tape in native format using WLMM.
2. Use WLMM to cut the 8GB DV-AVI file into as many segments (chapters) as I like while retaining original format.
3. Import these AVI chapters into PDD to add effects, etc.

Once done, what is the best format to rip the movie into?  mpeg, mpeg4, mts,...?
Awesome MrChips!!! thank you, I'm happy for you.
Always drivers, that's great to hear and now lets g.o.
I like the shortest route  with least amount of work..MrChips, so if the originals now working right in WLMM it's probably simpler than PDD to cut these segments.
Do this when your not tired as every cut has a start and endplease note > the end < time stamp so that the new will flow on.
OK your questions,
1. Import entire tape in native format using WLMM.<< yep why not. That is one tape only right at a time?
2. Use WLMM to cut the 8GB DV-AVI file into as many segments (chapters) as I like while retaining original format.<< if WLMM supports saving as DV-AVI ?? or go with HD mp4.
Yep..Please do factor in that high definition creates the bigger output size.
Please check your cut sections for output size as well.
You'll need to figure out how much each piece size will be.
I'd look into making each cut segment fit one DVD taking into account adding effects transitions menus and chapters..
A standard DVD is 4.7 gig. Allow at least 100 megs for lead in and lead out.

3. Import these AVI chapters into PDD to add effects, etc.<< up to you, remember effects also add to output size.
What type of effects?
I would probably choose PDD over WLMM, creating a chapters and menus would be more polished than what WLMM offers.
WLMM does offer some simple menus and transitions.
They are quite nice so it depends on what you like.
The decision here PDD or WLMM whichever you decide to go with this is part of the authoring stage once you start it your video should be burnt to DVD on this tool.
You can't really stop and save to hard disc then burn in another.

Sorry you lost me here>
Once done, what is the best format to rip the movie into?  mpeg, mpeg4, mts,...?<< rip?
you mean Author /  burn to DVD?

Whatever format the video is now once you begin the authoring to DVD process
this authoring converts it to DVD compliant format which is actually VOBS ie mpeg2. with ifo and bup files, those are the directory links the DVD lasor reads to navigate menus and chapters.

The main decision as I see it is when choosing to make a movie in those early stages of authoring to DVD choose the AVCHD, or equivalent DVD format.
Advanced Video Coding High Definition) is a file-based format for the digital recording and playback of high-definition video.
Use the very best of DVD such as Verbatim, Sony, with a burn speed written on them of X4 or X8. Always burn DVD slowly.
What Disc to Use to Burn DVDs
Take a look at the video scale of your current DV.AVI depending on this is how your video will look in a DVD playback, the standard DVD video scale 720x576, this is automatic, so if your video has a scale really different you may get a wide screen.
You'll need to choose Pal or NTSC?
I use Pal but again I am in Australia.
Please consider where these DVD will be played on what type of DVD player.
What is the Difference Between NTSC and PAL?
Does that cover it for you?
Regards Merete
MrChip2Author Commented:

I am so sorry for not closing this soon.  We had a huge family reunion and I was offline for over a week.  Thanks again!!  I may post some follow-ups if you have not added me to your "ignore questions from these members at all costs" list.
Ha!! Can that actually be done?
No worries Mrchip2 you're actually lucky the moderators didn't come along and delete it
That'd be worse ( grins ).
Thank you.. as always happy to help.
jessen deenCommented:
To efficiently convert MP4 to PowerDirector supported MPEG-2 we recommend you to use iDealshare VideoGO, it can convert MP4 in any codec and any resolution to PowerDirector supported MPEG-2.
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