Proxy servers - I want to watch French TV

I would like to be able to watch French TV.  I was thinking about installing a satellite dish that would point to one of their satellites.  However, if I could just watch the "TF1" station through their internet site then that would be fine.  Unfortunately they won't let me because my IP is not in France.  So, my first question....Is it illegal to achieve this by connecting through a French proxy server?  Is there any moral difference between accessing TF1 using a satellite dish and using a proxy server?
Aside from that, can someone explain to me how proxy servers work?  When I use them, will all my internet data pass through their server?  Are there other security concerns?  Is there a way of overcoming these security concerns?
Finally, I went on this website:
You can type in the address of the website that you want to visit and it takes you there (with a different IP).  It all looks jolly promising but then when I go on the TF1 website the pages download but the rectangle where I expect the video to be played remains blank.  Something blocks it.  Why does that happen?
So, if you would like to help me with the moral maze or this technical maze then I would appreciate your help.
Thank you
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
You can  use proxy services such as

It looks like this service is set up to get you what you want legally.!features-channels-list.html

As far as offering you legal advice, that can't be done here you would contact your lawyer for that.  

I would guess one reason to block a country is if you are not in France, you will probably not support any of the advertisers and your bandwidth becomes a net loss.  My guess is that a service like pays a licensing fee to the station and then resells it to people out of the area.
helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
The point regarding tv broadcast usualy is in rights - broadcast permission, in other words law.
Tv has license to broadcast tv content only in France so this is a way how to acieve it - block all non Feench IPs to browse their pages (or just live and archive streams).
On other hand satellite provider could have license for jnternational broadcasting and that's why this kind of broadcast is available.
Proxy is a way how to avaod IP limination. It means you are not connecting to destination web page directly but through proxy which is between you and destination, in this case located in France so your session acts as French and you are able to watch your desired content. But these public proxies might be slow, unstable, not possible to show_all content or so. That's disadvantage of free solution. You can search for most performanced one, find some friend in France to share connection with you (VPN to friend) or try paid solution.
If it is against law it depends on your country and it' s policy but generally I don't think it is a crime to use proxies for purpose like this
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Actually, I have read comments by people that suggest that futubox is not legal.  I'm not sure how they would get away with it if that's true.

How can I tell if a proxy server service is safe to use?

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