A better BASELINE for DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory???

Hello all,

  Recently I started working for an IT Consulting company, there were some things that happened where my boss thought I was to inexperienced/Green. I did an Associate Degree for Network Security/alot of Cisco and thought I had a good baseline for Tech Support. Microsoft wasnt a huge part of it and Ive been out of school since 2007. Dont use it you lose it ya know.
       I was told I would need to better understand Dhcp, Dns, and Active Directory and how it all worked together. His main business revolves around Windows Server 2008 r2,Logmein, Vmware, and Consulting for small buisnesses. My hardware skills are fine, but my software skills neeerver stuff, thd some refining. I did order Windows Server 2008 r2 Administrators hand book, I have Vm Ware player, and 2 pcs working in the home.  I set up my first forest and Domain but as far as reading AD and Server stuff acroynyms and basics are still hard for me.
  Just once I got comfy with xp, I just started using windows 7 also on both Computer in my home.

Can I get some knowledge from some more experts here to better refine software skills. My book is in the mail, and I'm trying to read everything I can about his software needs.
Thanks all!

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Sushil SonawaneCommented:
For Active directory this article will help you out


You will also get more information about active directory, dns, dhcp using petri website.

You can use following website also for windows technologies related server OS, Application server Client OS (windows 7,xp,vista).




djsharmaTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Refer below link this will help you understand the window technologies like AD Dhcp, DNS.

(http://blogs.technet.com/b/askds/) : Ask the Directory Services Team This Micrsoft official enterprise support blog for AD DS and more.


GerbzAuthor Commented:
Thanks, ill keep reading these articles
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