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Access - Form with a 2nd Seperate Form to Postively Verify if all amounts zero.

Hello All

I have a form that has a series of 5 textboxes where the user inputs some Control Totals info from a printed form that is used elsewhere in my db.  I use another unbound textbox on that form to sum the abs(x) of the 5 textboxes.  

The amounts in the textboxes can be any number and in fact can be zero.  However, IF all of the amounts are zero, I want the user to positively affirm that the amounts should be zero.

So I created a separate form with a label for instructions on the fact that they are verifying that they're all supposed to be zero PLUS a checkbox that the click  to say "True" should be zero AND THEN they'll click a control button with the label "Verify All Amounts were Zero".

All of that is working fine.  HOWEVER, I don't want them to leave that form or I guess prevent that form from losing focus until they have either:
A)clicked the checkbox AND selected the "Verify" control button OR;
B) click on a "Cancel and Correct Control Totals" control button (which sends them back to the original form to fix.

Hope I've used the correct terminology to make this understandable.

The Control Totals form is - frm_RptgControlTotals
The Verify Zeros form is frm_RptgControlTotals_VerifyZero
The ckbox is ckBoxVerifyZero
1 Solution
Set both the ControlBox and CloseButton properties to NO so that there is no X in the upper left corner for a user to click.  Then set the Modal property to YES so that they cannot click on any other form without this one closing first.
wlwebbAuthor Commented:
Irog, Great!  Haven't worked with Modal before.... I had done the ControlBox and buttons to No ....  Just didn't know how to keep them from clicking too many times and that window getting buried behind other windows without them answering.


And Thanks for always being so quick with responses!
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