Corel x6 .cdr network access issues


We have recently installed corel draw x6 on our windows 7 machine. Everyhting works great with the exception of opening saved files across the network.

Whenever we save a file corel automatically locks it so that it is not visible across the network. We can chnage the permissions by adding "everyone" but thats a pain to do everytime. We have verified that the parent folder has "everyone" set as well as inheritence.

The question: how do we set the corel program to stop locking the saved files?

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably need to put the save to directory from Coral to a new folder created expressly for this, the  location of this folder would need to be in Public Network
like this
User being replaced with the name of the system name that has Coral installed on.

Then right clicking this folder lets call it Coral, then sharing >share with>advanced sharing check all settings are correct.
Then click on Coral folder> properties part> click on security>
Share with everyone
How do you get around everyone using one product any  message like "In Use"
Coral would lock the saved files  .CDR
until it is released from use on that windows?
Maybe if the files were saved as something other than a .CDR project but rather a finished format such as avi or mpg etc.
A saved project is still locked in the program for further editing.
The file extension CDR is used to store data for projects created by the CorelDraw program.
sio2yAuthor Commented:
We'll give the public folder a try and post back the results.

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