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Need to send alerts following a A/C power failure

I want to monitor a common, electrical outlet for A/C power loss.  The outlet is for our upright freezer in the garage.  My idea is to have this notebook plugged into the same circuit, and to monitor for when the PC goes from A/C to battery.  When that happens, I want to know immediately. SMS, email, net send to the home network, whatever.

The PC currently runs Business Vista, but I can co-install Ubuntu if necessary.  Likewise,  no UPS recommendations please.  Just bare bones, if power is lost, panic.

2 Solutions

I am not sure what your budget will be on this but there is a SMS notification monitoring system that will do exactly what you need it for. See the specifications below and website you can order it from.

SMS Alert Standalone Power Loss/Restore
 Main Features

Plug into wall & operate, no installation needed
 It consists of one box, with a 1m cord and a 230V 3-point plug at the end (South African plug standard)
 Battery standby is 6-8 hours
 It reports POWER LOSS when there is an electricity failure and POWER RESTORE when 230V AC is restored. This can be reported via SMS to up to 4 users.
Unit will report LOW BATTERY when the internal 12VDC battery discharges
 It has an output that you can remotely latch or pulse via SMS for additional functions such as switching to standby power or backup fuse input
 Listen-in microphone can be added to verify adjacent noises


Alternative link: http://www.gsmalarms.co.uk/power-failure-alarms.htm

Hope that helps.

EDIT: If you want to go the route with the laptop i found the following article that might help.

Here's a open source utility that will execute commands when power switches,  the 'release' directory has the exe file,


and a open source command line email program that can be used to send a email when the switch to battery is detected by the first program.

It can also be done with a Windows Powershell script but I think the above utilities might be easier to use if you are not familiar with writing scripts.
DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorAuthor Commented:
ty, I'll get back to you this week.

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