Sonicwall: can I get to the Internet via LAN

I want to register my Sonicwall nsa220 but I don't want to plug in the wan cable to the outside yet.  It is on the LAN. Can get to the Internet like I can from any of the LAN computers using the existing non-Sonicwall gateway?  If so, how?

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Brad BouchardInformation Systems Security OfficerCommented:
On the SonicWALL go to  Network > Interfaces and set the gateway for the LAN to the non WAN gateway IP address.  Register then change the interface back and plug in your WAN.  

You can also register your device without going through it or needing Internet on it.  You can login to and do it.
Sure, just use the non-sonicwall's LAN ip as the gateway ip on the sonic wall.
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