How to add multiple citrix farm in data collector's delivery service console..

Our company has take over another company. They have huge Citrix environment consist multiple citrix farms. I had gotomeeting session with their citrix admin, he took remote of data collector, opened citrix delivery console and showed me all 9 forms. He made me domain admin and full administrator so that i can take a look on that later.
Now when i logged onto that data collector, i only able to see 1 farm but not remaining however i have ran configure and discovery many times successfully.

Please help me and let me know how can i get those all farms in my delivery service console ? They have citrix xenapp 5 running on 2003 standard 64 bit servers.
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you can easily do that in ADC. You need to specify at least one server from each farm. Please see here extract from Citrix' eDocs (

'When using discovery to connect to your XenApp deployment, you must specify the name or IP address of at least one server in each farm that you want to manage. When discovery is complete, the AppCenter (or citrix delivery console) tree displays the items that you specified.'

BTW - if you have large farm, it's not advisable to use datacollector for console connection
pdixit1977Author Commented:
Gotcha..let me do it tomorrow once i m in office.

As you said we should not access consoles from data collector, is there any specific reason ?
On which server we should ideally access the consoles ?
pdixit1977Author Commented:
thanks zoubi for your help. it worked for me..
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