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We are deploying Lync 2010 Server in our environment (we have Exchange 2010 already). So far, we have one Lync Pool, but we'll be having about three in total (Europe, Asia, America).

We need to allow our Blackberry and Windows Mobile users access to Lync clients from their mobile devices. I know with Blackberry and OCS, we had the connection via the OCS CWA.

Does anyone know how this will work with Lync? I understand there is a Mobility service we need to install, but not sure of the specifics?
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Effectively I made a mistake, the CWA Server is only if you need a web client, not for Lync Mobile clients that Microsoft released for lync.

For Mobile Clients, you need to install the Mobility Service as you said in your first post. The requirement of Lync mobility service is that you already have installed your Lync Edge and published your lync.

There is a good article about the Mobility role :

You will need to publish your mobility role in the internet with your reverse proxy and also publish it internal if you want your mobile can use the mobility service by a Wifi.

For Specifics, you can see the Planning part of the article, that give some rules if you have multiple Front-end servers.

Note 1 : Note that the Mobility Service is available only with the Cumulative update November 2011. So you have to install it on your Lync Infrastructure.

Note 2 : Note also that the Mobility Service use the Lync autodiscover method so you have to implement it if it's not already done.

Note 3 : You don't have Apple phone and Tablet, but if you want to give a mobility service to Apples device, you have to Authorize also the Push Notification Service.

Note 4 : Do you have Public trusted certificates for your Lync infrastructure ?! Trusted certificate is important for Mobility connectivity.

You can find here technical requirements from the Microsoft Technet :

Also, you can find here question to answer to plan your mobility implementation :

Best Regards,
Hi Richlionel,

In Lync 2010, there is no CWA equivalent as the LWA role of Lync is not an IM web access as CWA has been for OCS before.

The workaround effectively is to use the CWA role of OCS connected to your Lync 2010 infrastructure.
There is a very good link to explain how to install it, so I don't reexplain it here :

Do you already begin to install your Lync Infrastructure or do you already have an OCS infrastructure ?! I hope not because the big requirement for CWA is that you have to extend you AD Schema for OCS before to extend it for Lync.

Ask for any question for it.

Kind Regards,
richlionelAuthor Commented:

So you are saying that in order for me to have my mobile devices access Lync 2010 (using Lync Mobile client), I need a 2007 CWA server?

Just to confirm, I'm not talking about some sort of Lync web client, but access using Mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc).
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