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How to move a Hyper-V virtual machine without Exporting it

I need to change the folder for a VM

I read is possible to create a new symbolic link to the virtual machine's XML configuration file.

you have step by step how work with hyper-v Windows 2008 R2
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Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
Yay, there are some blogs out there that describe how to move, attach virtual machine without using export/import features. However, those methods are not supported by Microsoft and I would advise against using them.

Depending on the purpose, you could do one of the following:
If you need to move the VHD files only, you actually don’t need to export/import the VM: just copy the VHD files on the new location and attach them to the virtual machine(s) via the Hyper-V Manager
If you need to move the config XML files as well as the VHD files, you have to use the export/import feature of Hyper-V Manager. Now, if the size of the VHD files are a problem (in case you have multiple VHD files attached to a single VM), you could use some tricks: after stopping the VM, disconnect the additional VHD files except the boot one (connected to IDE1) and move them independently; then export and import the VM with its only VHD file and attach the additional files to the same virtual controller where they were before exporting the VM
OWSalexAuthor Commented:
Thank You,
My problems is to move VMs from one physical machine to another machine, I use symantec backup exec to do this, when I finish I have the VMs in a new physical machine, my VMs are still activated, but symantec change the physical path.

path for the xml file

original physical machine
V:\Hyper-v\WORKSTATIONS\Vi016\Virtual Machines

new physical machine
R:\Microsoft Hyper-V\Vi016\V\Hyper-v\WORKSTATIONS\Vi016\Virtual Machines

symantec add "Microsoft Hyper-V\Vi016\V\"
"Microsoft Hyper-V"
"Vi016" (machine name)
"V" (Drive)

I want just change the path for the xml file

for vhd no problem I can move with the Hyper-V Manager
Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
I am not familiar with Symantec Backup Exec. May be there are options, you could select.

Hyper-V Manager Import has 4 restore options: it either moves (using the existing ID) or copies (creating a new ID) the VM and it can duplicate or not the files.

I often moves virtual machines between servers (we don’t have a cluster) and I always use Move + Duplicate: in that case, Hyper-V copies the files in the default folders as they are specified in the Hyper-V Manager.

If someone needs to keep the files in the original folder, where the were restored, he can use Move without duplicate: in that case Hyper-V just links the VM and replace the exported XML by the config XML but all files stay in the exported folder.
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