Mpeg 4 movies not paying

So, used a Sanyo xacti vpc-ca65ex movie camera with a micro sd 32 gb card to record the family playing in the pool etc. problem - period 1 & 3  mpeg movies play fine on the camera and on a pc, period 2 the mpeg 4 annotated files do not play on either. Help!
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Hi peter2407, any progress?
Any updates/ outcome
thanks so much
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Try VCL media player. It's free, very popular, and will play almost anything.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Sanyo recommend QuickTime to play the XActi 1080p HD MP4 files

If you want to use Windows Media Player you'll need to install this
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Hello Peter, your problem sounds as if it may have lots more to it than your know?
Have you read the manual? Please do.
I have Included it below.
What was used to make these?>period 2 the mpeg 4 annotated files? >on the camera or in Adobe?
annotated is that date and time?
since they do not play on either the camera or the PC?
something is wrong here maybe not saved correctly, joined incorrectly?
Have you switched from shoot mode to playback mode on the camera??
Did they ever playback?

Have these ever been copied off the camera?
How did you transfer to the PC?
There is method to my questions,
Have you accidently deleted off the camera when copying and then
did you copy to PC then try to put back onto camera?
According to the manual All 206 pages lol
Install the application programs
Install two programs from the Xacti Software DVD to your computer first,
Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition (in this manual, referred to as
Photoshop Album SE) and, for creating DVDs, Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0
(in this manual, referred to as Premiere Elements).

Turn on the computer, and use the supplied dedicated USB interface
cable to connect your camera to the computer.
Connect the cable between the camera’s USB/AV terminal and the
computer’s USB connector
Select [COMPUTER], and press the SET button.
 The screen to select the computer connection mode appears.
 Select [CARD READER], and press the SET button.
The screen to import data to the computer appears on your
computer’s monitor.
4 Click the [IMPORT] button.
Copy the camera data to the following folder:
My Pictures\Adobe\Digital Camera\Date folder

When the data has been successfully copied, a dialog box appears to
confirm whether or not you wish to delete the original data from the

5 Click the [YES] button if you wish to delete the data from the
camera’s memory, or [NO] if you do not wish to delete it.
The Photoshop Album SE catalogue screen appears.
The data you copied appears on the computer monitor.
Confirm that the desired data was correctly copied.
If it was not copied, from the[Import] menu select [From camera, mobile phone or card reader],and copy the desired data.
Commonly asked questions start on page 173
( page 177 )
Can I play back image and sound data that I edited using my computer?— We cannot
guarantee the accurate playback of data that has been edited using a computer.
Page 180
The “Cannot edit video” message appears.-
You have attempted to join video clips that were recorded in different modes.
Select video clips that were recorded in the same mode.

Did you use Compressor?
peter2407Author Commented:
Hi Merete - the videos either side of 'day 2'  play on the camera and on the PC, but not the 'day 2' recordings. VCL media player won't play them either.
Hi Peter, yes I understand that this particular video has annotations
( period 2 the mpeg 4 annotated files )
All we can do at this point is to determine what is the difference between the working video and not working / so apart from the annotations that have been added what differs?

The biggest key that is that it doesn't play on the camera either, possibly the video is no good,  bad recording or not saved once the annotations were added?
I asked a few questions, could you fill in an answer on these.
(1) This ( period 2 the mpeg 4 annotated files ) has never played back on the camera after you created it? You tested playback on the camera?
and has never been removed from the camera 100% or copied back?
So it's not missing any important info the camera needs to read it?
(3) any error messages in the media player you test with? Such as  Media player x cannot play this video because the format is not supported or it has a problem or something else
(4) does it play in Quicktime
Gspot is a codec analyser but can also shed some light on what may be wrong
Establishes what video and audio codecs are required to play any video.
Drag and drop a working clip on then wait a sec then take a look at the line is it red or green?
Do the same with none working clip to compare
If it is red then possibly all you need is codecs,
Then over on the right what is there?
Post back a screen shot if you can.
peter2407Author Commented:
Merete - just re-read my original post and can see where there is a misunderstanding, my fault, sorry. What I meant to say was: I have let's say 12aug.mpeg4, 13aug.mpeg4 and 14aug.mpeg4. The only file that will not play on either the camera or my PC is 13aug.mpeg4. I didn't mean to imply that any file had been edited, they haven't. My suspicion as that the user " has done something" when using the camera.
Agree, unfortunately things happen, if no editing has been done it could be numerous possibilities.
That's the simple answer, if you wish to understand why, then I would look into those options I posted
The video was not saved/finalised once that particular video recording was stopped? and another started overriding this recording.
Would explain it since this clip sits between two.
Cameras always have a special set of data for each clip, if that data was not saved right so that it is included with the clip then the data is there but no video. It's like a ghost clip of data nothing else.
Gspot may help pin if it is a problem with the video
bad headers??
How many bytes? megs does this piece of video contain in the properties?
peter2407Author Commented:
Merete - no joy unfortunately.
That's unfortunate Peter probably corrupted not much we can do there/
Thanks for the accept.
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