Flash CS5 AS3 Scrollbar Works locally but not online

here is a link to my project files (.zip): http://www.psychtrain.com/R-PAS/R-PAS.zip

My scrollbar is added to a textfield with the following AS3 code:

//Add Scrollbar
import flash.net.URLLoader;
import fl.controls.UIScrollBar;
import flash.events.Event;

mySb.direction = "vertical";
mySb.buttonMode = true;
mySb.scrollTarget = myText;

The scrollbar works on the first section, but when I skip to the next section using the FF button, the scroll bar loses its little "thumb-bar" (or whatever you call the thing you can grab to scroll down more quickly) (see images). Any ideas why this happens?
It works all the way through when I test the file locallybut looks like this after the first section when testing it onlinefileList.jpg
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tlengnickAuthor Commented:
Somehow, I got it working...not exactly sure how...sorry.
tlengnickAuthor Commented:
Here's where you can see the project: http://www.psychtrain.com/R-PAS/Shading_NEW.html
tlengnickAuthor Commented:
Maybe something to do with the text not being fully loaded before the scrollbar gets added to the textfield?

How can I create a little function that waits until the text is fully loaded, then add the scrollbar child?
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