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follow up to a previous question - hockey stats query not returning correct results

this is a follow up to the following question:


the solution provided worked with a small amount of test data (or at least i thought it did!), but it turns out it's returning stats for the entire season, and not just a particular game. can anybody spot why?

Thanks in advance!

		select goalsScored = ps.scored, numAssists = isNull( ps2.assists1, 0 ) + isNull( ps3.assists2, 0 ), playerName = p.firstName + ' ' + p.lastName 
		from       tPlayers_x_GamesPlayed pgp 
		inner join tPlayers               p   on p.playerID  = pgp.playerID 
		left outer join (select scoredBy,COUNT(*) as scored
		 from tPlayerStats 
		 group by scoredBy ) as ps
		  on ps.scoredBy = pgp.playerID 
		left outer join (select assist1,COUNT(*) as assists1
		 from tPlayerStats 
		 group by assist1 ) as ps2
		 on ps2.assist1 = pgp.playerID 
		left outer join ( select assist2,COUNT(*) as assists2
		 from tPlayerStats 
		 group by assist2 ) as ps3
		 on ps3.assist2 = pgp.playerID 
		where pgp.gameID = 102 
		and pgp.teamID = 100 
		and (     isNull( p.position1, '' ) <> 'Goalie' 
			  and isNull( p.position2, '' ) <> 'Goalie' 
			  and isNull( p.position3, '' ) <> 'Goalie' 
		group by p.firstName, p.lastName, ps.scored, ps2.assists1, ps3.assists2 
		order by p.lastname,p.firstname;

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Big Monty
Big Monty
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You're restricting your main query with

where pgp.gameID = 102
and pgp.teamID = 100

but you don't have these constraints on the three queries that you're using for scores and assists .....


Big MontySenior Web Developer / CEO of ExchangeTree.org Author Commented:
its amazing what a nights worth of sleep can do :) I noticed it this morning and fixed it. I'll give ya the points because you were spot on with the solution, thanks!
Thanks! Well done for finding it!

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