Adding RAM to Sony VAIO E Series


I've got this Sony Vaio laptop with 4GB RAM (64-bit OS)

I'm working with video editing software (Sony Vegas) and I'm finding the editing a bit slow, so I'm thinking that an upgrade to 8GB of RAM will help. Do you think I'm right?

Since I already have 4GB or RAM, is it just a case of buying another 4GB and installing it? Reading the above site, I'm a bit confused on what I should ask for and buy. Can you assist?

Or is there an alternative to help speed up my PC?

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Any SSD will give you a big advantage compared to standard HD's. OCZ or Samsung would be the manufacturers I'd get them from. The SSD would be a hard-disk replacement (you remove the original HD and install the SSD in it's place, then install your OS from the recovery media you made when you got the PC to that SSD).

For your PC needs an SSD would improve your performance by a lot more than more RAM would.
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
Ram alone is not enough. But it will speed it up a little. You need also a good graphic card and a fast processor for better performance. But you can't do this on laptops.
It depends on whether your editing software can properly work with the added RAM. If the software is 64bit it probably will, if not, it won't. If you are running other software simultaneously you will get a performance boost.

Whether you can just buy another RAM module depends on what is currently inside. If it is 1 4 GB module, you can get another and insert the new module into the other slot. But it is more likely that you currently have 2 x 2 GB modules inside your PC. If that is the case you will have to remove both of those and get 2 x 4GB modules to get to 8 GB, or remove one of those 2 GB Modules and add a new 4 GB one to get 6 GB.

You can use SIW to check exactly what modules you currently have:

For video editing you need fast HD's, and if you got yourself an SSD with which to replace your original HD would probably give you the best speed improvement. But SSD's are still not very cheap:
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nobusbiljart fanCommented:
>>  I'm working with video editing software (Sony Vegas) and I'm finding the editing a bit slow, so I'm thinking that an upgrade to 8GB of RAM will help. Do you think I'm right?  <<   check with task management how much ram is used -  that will give you an idea if it can help
if you still have 1 or 2 Gb free, it won't help much imo
in the link you posted, they show an 8GB kit(2x4GB)
this means you need to take out the installed ram, and swap it for the 8GB (normal laptops only have 2 Ram slots -  which presumable are filled up - check that first - and IF you have a 4GB stick installed, buy the same model and specs  - don't mix

your link also shows the other helping alternatives : SSD drive, and momentus drive
dabug80Author Commented:
Thanks for all your help. I haven't heard of SSD & Momentus drives before. Would you recommend that I purchase one of these instead of the RAM? If so, which one?

Are these installed internally within the PC?

dabug80Author Commented:
Thanks Rindi
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