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Hello Experts,
I want to design a website for an auther he has 10 books and he want a design a website so the user can read and download some of his books i am tring to find an inspiration for a web site with one content type so i can get an ideas any ideas or inspirations are welcomed.

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"I want to design a website for an auther he has 10 books".

A very important factor to consider is what type of books the author writes.  If they are technical engineering type content, then I think you will want a very different feel from the website than if the author writes romantic novels, or writes about violent murders and crime, or writes about caring for Koi Carp.  Each of these writing styles creates different emotions and the website theme should reflect that same feeling.

Say, for example, that the author writes fiction novels about adventure like Indiana Jones films.  I would expect a dusty, hot, rustic feel from the page.  It would be very easy to go to extremes and have a background image of a treasure map on old parchment paper.  That could easily end up being clichéd, too dramatic, and distracting.  Instead, careful choice of theme colours and maybe a dusty "papery" feel would work if you could get that in a subtle way.

A novel about gangs and corruption would probably work well with hard edges to everything and a lot of contrasting "dark" colours.  If you went overboard on the theme and added pictures of knives, guns, and money as navigation buttons, and chalk outlines of dead bodies as background, it could easily look cheap and nasty, so you need to be careful.

Have you read the author's books?
Have you listened to or read any reviews of the books by others?

Personally I would read the books and reviews before trying to design a website to showcase them, and I would try to create a theme that reflected how the books made me feel.  The problem would be if the author writes different styles of novels.  It would be almost impossible to create a website to showcase a book about model railway collecting, another about growing indoor plants successfully, another about how to design an eco-friendly house, and so on.  They obviously wouldn't fit well together on one site with a common theme, so you would have to go for a straightforward (boring) theme or else try and sub-divide the site into separate areas with slightly different themes.

So, from an artistic point of view I think you have to try and echo the mood of the books.  From a technical point of view for reading the books you need uncluttered navigation and clean functionality.  It is hard to balance  these, but hopefully my thoughts will give you some food for further thought.
Have you had a look at some CMS options?
aldumestani1Author Commented:
Thank you dear
yes i will use Wordpress to devlop the web site my question is from the designe point of view

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If you are going to present books for reading then you need to consider 3 things for design.  
Most of the page should high contrast text that is slightly oversized (115%).  Black on white is best or slightly off white for the background.

There should be no distracting animations or overly bright graphics, and keep navigation as simple and non-intrusive as possible.
The pages should be themed to reflect the content of the books.

One additional thing is that you might want to use a cookie to keep track of what page the user is on; so that if they leave and return, you can put them back to the page they were on when they left.

aldumestani1Author Commented:
Thank you xperts for scrathing my mind :) some time i get stuck in a design so i need some push so i can think in a different way to sovle the issue.
Thank you aldumestani1, and good luck with your project.
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