SBS 2011 standard with 6 xp Pro and 1 Win 7 Pro - Windows cannot access reirectedfolders (Win 7 Pro machine)


I have a domain with 1 SBS 2011 Std. Server (New install no migration) , 6 XP Pro Workstations and 1 Win. 7 Pro workstation.

A recent power outage caused the server to shutdown. After restart all users complained that their desktop Icons were gone. I had them reboot their machines and all come back up except the Win. 7 Pro machine. ( I have folder redirection setup for the users via the SBS wizard). The desktop is blank. When logged in as the user and click "Documents" the following error message appears:

Network Error

Windows Cannot Access


Contact your network administrator to request access

No permissions have been manually modified on the server. Looked in Event Viewer on Win 7 machine (Folder Redirection). No errors were noted.


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flteng562Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found the Profile for the user was corrupted. Removed profile from local PC via Advanced System Settings / User Profiles. Don't forget to backup IE favorites/Book Marks prior to deletion.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
If redirected Desktop is enabled and offline files is not (which is OK) if a connection to the server is lost, the desktop icons will disappear like that.

As for the problematic machine, make sure in its DNS settings on the NIC it is assigned ONLY the SBS for DNS, no alternate, whether statically set or through DHCP.
flteng562Author Commented:
Hi RobWill,

From the Win 7 PC I can access the server and see it in "Networks". I checked the NIC settings and it is set to "Optain DNS Server address automatically" which is the SBS server.


flteng562Author Commented:
No other solution was brought forth to correct problem
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