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I am working in a school at the moment and I have wiped the existing server and re-installed server 2003 on it. At the same time I have wiped all the work stations and installed W7 on them. There are a number of different makes and models of PCs and they all setup as expected. Part of this was a personal home drive (H).

They were all working just fine until about 4/5 days ago. In the staff room there are five HP6005 machines. All of a sudden the H drive has disappeared on everybody's user account. They can go to any other PC in the building and it all works just fine.

We removed the machines from the domain, changed the name of the PC and rejoined the domain. It made no difference. They can access the shared folders on the server with no difficulties.

What is happening and why only to these PCs?

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Is the H drive occupied by ie. a memory card reader on the HP machines?
I think you are talking about network drive

Please refer
SandeshdubeySenior Server EngineerCommented:
If the server was only the DC in the network and if you have reinstalled the same.Then you need to rejoin the PC to domain even if the domain name is same.Since you have reinstall the OS and rejoin the PC to domain now you need to configure the GPO for the map drive to work.

Assign a home folder to a domain user

Hope this helps
Did u install some HP software in the PC / server .... i exp once that install HP jet admin it make the map drive gone....also make sure the user didnt move to other OU ...etc
doeyAuthor Commented:
Of course now that I know the answer, it was so obvious. There was a multi-card reader which hogged up a number of drive letters. This was not initially noticeable as they do not show up unless there is a card in one of them. So I gave them all new letters (K, L, M, N, O & P). Once I logged back in again the Home folder (H) re-appeared.

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