"Cannot find the Source Server: Verify that the source server name is correct and then try again" during migration from SBS2003 to SBS2011

This appears to be well documented but I can't seem to resolve my issue.  I the log entry as described in the following article -


But waiting thirty seconds, even an hour doesn't resolve it.

I have followed through many other online forums and done what others have tried.

Just to verify, I can ping servername.domain.local or the IP, but not server name on its own.  

The following article (below) explains what I have tried i.e. manual time set, enable netbios, enable wins server. I can't think what else to try.



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fuzzyfreakAuthor Commented:
Having thought I had exhausted all avenues, I disabled the NIC and swapped the LAN cable into the second adapter and allowed that to automatically pick up settings - this resolved my problem.
fuzzyfreakAuthor Commented:
swapped cable into other NIC
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