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Simple windows 7 network using workgroup WITHOUT HOMEGROUP

Hey All Experts,

I am sure this has been answered somewhere in this forum, but I wanted to get right to the solution.  I have a small office/home network with the following items:
My Wan connection is a Uverse modem/router using DHCP;
1 laptop with windows 7 wireless connection.
1 windows 7 desktop wired to the router.
1 CentOs server hard wired to the router.
I need a simple example to get these all sharing folders locally only. Security is not much of a concern on the Lan. I do not want anything that's remotely tied to windows 7 Homegroups. I have some configuration now using Workgroups and adding users credentials to all the computers, but it's is not working right.

Any suggestions?
Thanks Roger
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If you need to access files localy just share this folder and give everyone access to it (network share permissions). Than add the same user with same password to computer with the shared folder as the computer from which you are accessing the shared folder has. Than you can map a network drive on the computer accessing the shared folder without typing a password if both computers are in the same workgroup. You can than set NTFS permissions on the shared folder to restrict access to the user accessing the shared folder. If you need to access the shared folder from the centos machine you need to install samba...
rogerk_fswwAuthor Commented:
I have Samba set up that's the easy part, I am able to access it from my win 7 desktop that's wired to the network. But something is not right on my windows setup. How can I clear out the settings and start over with the windows basic network settings? Should I disable the ip6 settings?
I am also going to reset the Uverse router. The router shows the laptop address as being different that a ping in windows? Back in a bit.
rogerk_fswwAuthor Commented:
I still have trouble with the laptop connection.
It either says the path is not found or access denied, asking for a user name and password, none work. I have the same users with the same passwords etc.
Can you outline a simple configuration for sharing with the laptop.
What should I check first , what should be running etc.
I set the laptop share to everyone with full control.
I just need a quick solution, to get started.

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