Program needs access to c:\windows dir

I have a program that will not run unless I give the users admin access of the local pc. I dont want to do this for obvious reasons. What is the best way to make this program run. Is there anyway (policy) to set that the program can run using admin access only for this program. I deny access to the c drive through policies and all users are set as domain users. This is a school environment and the issues is with student login as a domain user. If I add the students group to the local admin account the program runs but will not run under power users group. I just need to give them access to a couple directories there.  I have the desktop disabled and I puch all app shortcuts out through policies.
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Ray_SingletonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open Group Policy Object Editor

Drill down to Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/File System
Right-click on "File System" in the left-hand pane and choose "Add File" from the drop-down.
Choose "C:" as the target and click "Ok".

On the permissions screen, click the "Advanced" button.

Add a permissions entry to give Domain Users read and write permission.

Make sure you change the "Apply Onto" drop-down to "This Folder Only" at the top of that window.
Have your users reboot so the computer GPO settings can apply, or do a GPUPDATE /FORCE on individual computers

As always, please apply this GPO setting to a test OU or test group before you apply to your domain.

Please let me know if this worked out for you.

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