ASP.Net options for creating and sending order reports

I have a .Net web application written in c# visual studio 2010 against a SQL Server 2008 database.  Users are able to create and submit orders to our backoffice.  We need to allow the users to download a report of their order at will.  Also when an order is submitted we need to email them an order summary.

We have done this in the past by creating a CSV file but would like to more to a nicer solution; perhaps a PDF or Word file.  Are there any free options we should be considering to allow us to generate attractive reports quickly?
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Jim P.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A basic Crystal Reports solution comes with the Visual Studio software. From there you should be able to dump that to a PDF printer SW. Then you can e-mail that.
MlandaTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with Jimpen. Crystal Reports is the best (or perhaps easiest?) way to do this sort of thing.

Crystal Reports for VS2010
It turns out that Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 was released separately, instead of included with the product and Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 will continue to be free, with no registration required.

Download crystal report from the below mentioned link

Or just directly paste below link to your address bar and it will ask to save an exe file.

Examples - easy enough to find these on Google, even showing how to Export a Crystal Report to PDF
canuckconsultingAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the help!  I have created my report using Crystal and displaying it via the Report viewer control  I have just deployed it to the server but am getting an error "Database Vendor Code: 17 ] Failed to open the connection".

Before I go further I wanted to confirm something.  Does the web client need to be able to connect directly to the DB?  I hope not as this is to run on the internet so this is not possible.  I am assuming everything is done server side but just need to be sure!

Thank you again!
Everything is done on the server side.

For the error, try this:

Do the following steps:

1. Open the report in the CR XI designer.
2. Select Database -> Set Datasource Location.
3. Set Datasource Location window will appear and in the replace with section connect to the database and replace these tables with the tables in the current datasource by clicking the update button.
4. After updating close the Set Datasource Location window.
5. Go to 'Database menu' and Click 'Verify Database' and click on OK.
6. Preview the report and the save the report.
canuckconsultingAuthor Commented:
I have decided to open another question regarding my connectivity issues.  Thank you for your help!
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