PPL navigation question


I hope that someone is able to help. I am currently doing my PPL and have been looking through the navigation book as I am about to start my nav training in the next couple of weeks.
I was working through some of the questions with the navigation computer relating to calculating your heading and ground speed. The two methods mentioned were the wind up method and the wind down method. The book only went into detail on the wind up method.
I asked my instructor and he said that he would like me to use the wind down method because I plan on going onto do my ATPL in the future.
Does anyone have a good tutorial on the wind down method or even a book that I could buy from amazon with any further details.


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ross13Author Commented:
Thanks for the help.


You are welcome.

Funny thing is: I grew up near an airport, I went to military service in a aviation base, but I have no idea about flying or any of the things above.
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