joomla page loading slow

it's a joomla 2.4 dev site... yes I know it's a mess.. I'm trying some template ideas.  After a couple of refreshes the page is super slow loading.  It's like something jams up... I noticed on some of the other pages it happens too.  I have a feeling it's the language switcher and related nav because this page is pretty much client script free.

any idea why it is freezing up during refreshes (chrome)?

see attached
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tf2012Author Commented:
Good point... I bet I didn't declare them in the control panel.. I haven't even played with typography on this site yet.  Ok I'll remove the script reference and test it.
I think it's a cache issue (cache is not on) because there are 16 javascript files, 13 css files and 15 background images.
tf2012Author Commented:
yes it does seem to make a difference when I remove the font script.  I'll fool around with it to see if I can clear it up.

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