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VMware Fusion on MAC

I have installed VMware Fusion on my MAC Airport and install an Win XP. The network connection for Window XP works fine only if I select NAT. There is no network connection if I select Bridge(Autodetect). Do I need to expliclity configure anything for "Bridge (Autodetect) as I see that it is the recommended configuration ?

2 Solutions
First of all you must make sure you have installed the VMware Tools inside the VM. If the tools are installed and you still can't connect, there could be a problem in the way you connect to the rest of the LAN.

In bridged mode your VM emulates it's own NIC and looks like just another PC on the LAN. It then tries to get it's own IP from your LAN's DHCP server. If you don't have an active DHCP server on the LAN it won't connect (you would have to add static settings to the VM's NIC manually within XP). Another thing that could cause issues is if you are connecting to a router which has MAC filtering turned on. If that is the case you would have to add the VM's virtual MAC address to the router.
I use VirtualBox.
Its free, OpenSource, and in my humble opinion, works better, and is less complicated than VMWare.

I use bridged networking.
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