Backup-to-Disk Properties on Backup Exec

Under Advanced tab on Backup-to-Disk Properties, I have setup "low disk space threshold" on the Disk space management section to 980Gb.

However, the disk folder has grown up to 2Tb. For 980GB, does it mean the total drive size where the disk folder located, or it means the size of the disk folder ?

How can I archive very old backups in disk folder ?

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rsimseeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The low disk space threshold setting places a job on hold when the available diskspace on the entire drive goes down to whatever you have set.

So, if you set that to 980GB, your backup jobs will stop working when you have only 980GB free on the drive where your backup-to-disk folder is located.  

The size of the folder itself makes no difference so long as you have the required free space.

As per your second question, you can keep the .bkf files as long as you want, just move the media entries in BE to a permanent set, like "Keep Data Infintely - Do Not Allow Overwrite".
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
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