how to execute IISApp.vbs - absolute noob level pls, IIS6, server 2003

Hi, I want to execute IISApp.vbs, but from all the links I have gathered, I cannot get to the just of how to execute it.

I want to view all the W3WP.EXE instances to identify which one is growing in Kilobytes

I right click cmd, run as administrator, change to e.g. C:\ and then type
cscript iisapp
but then get the error <"Input error: There is no file extension in "c:\iisapp">

I tried running it in %windir% and %windir\system32%.

Where can I run it and what would the syntax be please?

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Add an extension .vbs to your iisapp file.

iisapp --> iisapp.vbs

So the command will be "cscript iisapps.vbs".
jxhardingAuthor Commented:
thanks, I ran it out of %windows%\system32 and it worked
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