Cannot log into Domain account on MAC - was working fine

Hi Experts,

We have multiple MACs that are bound to our 2008 Domain and if a laptop user we have create a mobile account checked but for desktop users we do not.

Monday morning and two of the desktops have decided to not let me log on with any network domain account, i just get the shaking login.

I can see that network accounts are available but no username/password will log in. I can log in with a local admin account but sometimes i only get the spinning wheel of death and have to power down and try again. I have had no problems like this until today...

Any suggestions?
James HurleyIT ManagerAsked:
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jhyieslaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might start by resetting the Mac's PRAM and SMC:

Assuming you can get logged in locally, check the Activity monitor for some process that's taking over the Mac.  Also check the System Profiler (Information) to see if any of the hardware items are showing some error. Also verify/repair disk permissions and the disk itself from Disk Utility. If you need to do a repair on the system disk itself, you will have to boot from an install disk or Lion/ML recovery partition and run the Disk Util from there so that the utility can unmount the disk.

It is possible that you have a Mac virus, although this is not common. If you can get logged in, try downloading the Mac AV product from Sophos - it's free.

If you can't get logged in at all, try unhooking the Network cable from the Mac and then try again.  It's possible that you might have to reload the OS, although on Macs that's usually not needed.
James HurleyIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. There didn't seem to be anything untoward in the Activity Monitor. I had already ran the Verify/Repair which did fix a few things but still could not log on. In the end i unbound from the domain but could then not rebind. I did a little clearing out and managed to rebind and could log in but which ever domain account i logged in with would hang.

No Virus as we already have Sophos installed.

In the end i upgraded to Mountain Lion, this seems to have worked for the timebeing. I still think i will need to do a full reinstall when i have more time.
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