How Configure The time service

Hello I have a Windows Domain with two domain controllers, Forefront TMGm, Exchange, sharepoint and Remote Desktop Server.

All the servers are Windows 2008R2 (virtualized) running in two physical Server with Windows 2008R2.

My douby is about the time service, many times the Domain clock is out of date for some minutes.

I have joined to the domain the physical Servers.

I think that the domans controller take the time from internet and latter they push the time to all the joined pc's .


How I have to configure the Integration Service (Time synchronization) in hyper-V?

I have to put some rule in the TMG?

How can i check that all is working?

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The DC with the PDC role shoud host the time service
This server should be set to
NTPServer =,0x2 (or any other valid server)
Type = NTP

All other server / clients have type = NT5DS (NTPServer doesn#t matter)
All win 2008 / Win7 clients ask the DC automatically (by default)..
For HyperV, disable time sync at least for the DC with PDC Role. But as all server sync with the DC as well, you can disable it at all, as long it is 2008 / Win7.

For XP, you have to check the settings.

Time server sttings can be set also via policies (for older server / clients)

(mostly at the end...)

On the PDC Emulator, you can use the following:
W32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:"<ip addresses>"
W32tm /config /reliable:yes
W32tm /config /update
W32tm /resync
Net stop w32time
Net start w32time

You can check it with
w32tm /monitor /computers:localhost

For TMG, just make sure that NTP protocol definition is defined.
Should be UDP 123

If the protocol is defined and there is any access rule for the dc to use this protocol, the request should go out.
Stelian StanNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Is your domain controller with the PDC emulator role a VM? If it is, you need to disable the hyper-v timesync option for that VM. If the PDC is  a VM with the timesync running from hyper-v the VM will get time from the host, and the host will get time from the VM, and your clocks will drift.
limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
Thanks everbody
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