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I have a apache subdomain which is hosted inside with some local ip 172.x.x.x  at the same time this domain is having a public ip 212.x.x.x.
i am using a proxy server.when i tried to open this url without proxy for the local testing by putting an ip in the c:/program/winodws/system32/driver/etc/host then it shows me an apache test page only.
but when i put my proxy it works fine.my proxy is configured as forwarder and my dns is also recursive(Forwarder).
but when i tried to open this url without proxy then it does not work but all other sites work.What is the problem and how can i use this url to work without proxy  .
kastro AbbasiIT consultantAsked:
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kastro AbbasiIT consultantAuthor Commented:
i got the solution it was the fire wall which was making a loop
when u are using proxy the value in your hosts file is not Considered
kastro AbbasiIT consultantAuthor Commented:
the values in the host file are used only to test the internal working of URL.actuall problem is this the url is not working inside with or without proxy.
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Jan SpringerCommented:
If you are looking up a FQDN that translates to a public IP, then you either need DNS doctoring in your firewall or views within DNS.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
What does your proxy server resolve the domain to, is that where you have added the internal IP?  If not, through the DNS that is using, or hosts table if it abides by that try making the proxy server use the internal address.
did you check your proxy server's log? can you please post the (one) relevant entry
kastro AbbasiIT consultantAuthor Commented:
no comment
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