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Problem 3: Rio CD store
Rio sells music CDs. They currently have four CD’s for sale.
1.      Classical songs of 70s. Rs 30.
2.      Carnatic songs by Subbulaxmi. Rs 35.
3.      Top 20 2011. Rs 45.
4.      Top 20 2012. Rs 40.
Rio currently offers two kinds of discounts to customers.
1.      Percentage discount.
2.      Buy one get one CD free (which is of lower or same price).
Currently these are the discounts applied to current offerings.
•      Classical songs of 70s – Percentage discount 15% off.
•      Carnatic songs by Subbulaxmi – Percentage discount 10% off.
•      Top 20 2011 – Buy one get one free.
•      Top 20 2012 – Buy one get one free.
Rio wants to add some more CDs for sale soon.
Design a shopping cart and other classes required to implement sales. User pays by cash only.

Please suggest me how to Identify the classes needed, properties and methods needed to implement solution for this problem
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praveen1981Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Architecure helped me in solving this problem.
Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
It looks as if you want us to do your homework.

You will never learn that way.
praveen1981Author Commented:
Architecute of my team guide me in solving this problem
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