Unblock Youtube App on iPads

We are using ISA Server 2006 as our firewall and SmartFilter as our Web filtering app.  We have unblocked the Streaming Media category in SmartFilter so that users can get to the Youtube site.  This works good for users with Windows PCs.  On iPads, the users can watch Youtube apps if they are not Adobe Flash encoded.  When they try to use the iPad Youtube app, the site comes up, but the video just continues to clock.  I am assuming that I need to open up some ports on the ISA app.  Does anyone know what needs to be done to allow the iPad Youtube app through the ISA Server 2006 firewall?
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Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
To know exactly what you need to open, open TMG logs on live time monitor while the lcient is trying to watch the video.

From TMG console, go to logs and reports node-- > open logs and configure th filter to show only traffic which is coming from that IP pad user (client IP filter). and see what blocks the traffic... allow it and job done.
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