Getting Draytek Router & Zywall Firewall to work after changing ISP. DNS?


The company has changed ISP and I am having issues getting this to work.  The old router was a Cisco box managed by the ISP but this has now been replaced with a Draytek Vigor 2930 router.  I suspect this to be a DNS issue though.

The router connects from LAN1 port to the WAN1 port of the ZyXell Zywall USG100 fw.  I get internet when connecting straight to the Router, however not right when the router has the firewall in between.

The firewall has the WAN1 port setting to use the fixed IP addess.  The IP specified is the external of the FW, subnet mask entered and the gateway external IP of the Router.  The LAN IP of the router has been changed to an IP on the current subnet.  Is that right?

DNS on the DC NIC has been updated to use the DNS servers advised.  Things like dropbox/Skype can be accessed still which would indicate a DNS issue.  If I change the local PC to use the DNS of then the PC can browse but I could not do the same on the DC.  I also cannot ping the router.

Any pointers would be appreciated.
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buddlesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Issue resolved in the Zywall firewall.  STatic DNS entries were setup so replaced these with new DNS IPs
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