Deploying SSRS reports to SharePoint 2010 in Integrated Mode

I have SharePoint 2010 Enterprise installed on server, alongside SQL Server 2008 R2 with SSRS in SharePoint integrated mode.  The problem I am having is that reports do not seem to be deploying to SharePoint from SQL Server Report Builder.  I'll try to explain my configuration as detailed as possible.

From Reporting Services Configuration Manager:
Virtual Directory: ReportServer
URLs:  http://SERVERNAME:80/ReportServer
Datebase Name: ReportServer
Report Server Mode: SharePoint integrated

Report Manager URL:  http://SERVERNAME:80/Reports

***NOTE*** when I go to http://SERVERNAME/ReportServer there is a directory called http://SERVERNAME.  The directory listing inside that looks something like:

Data Connections for Perfomance POint

I am trying to deploy the reports to the Reporting directory.  I have set up Report Data Source, Report Builder Report, and Report Builder Model as content types for the Reporting Library.  When I currently add documents from SharePoint, Report Builder launches.  I can build a report and even  execute it from inside Report Builder, but when it comes time to deploy the report parts, nothing works.  I've tried a few configuration options.

I set the Report Server to : http://SERVERNAME/ReportServer , but I get error:

"Connection Failed.  Unable to connect to the server that is specified in the URL, 'http://SERVERNAME/ReportServer.'  Make sure that the server is running, the URL is correct, and you have permission to use the server. "
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Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServer\rsreportserver.config

check file is available here.
Ved Prakash AgrawalDatabase Consultant/Performance ArchitectCommented:
Could you check the data source used in the report are able to connect database?

When you access report directly using report server link, are you able to run report?

Please check the report server config file which is available on report server and see what authentication used in that.
VAMS1Author Commented:
I have to embed a data source into my report -- but nothing will deploy so I can't even see the report on the report server.

How do I check the report server config file to see which authentication is used?
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