Installing printers on server 2008 using script (please read for details)

Hi guys

We have a printer server called 'PrintServer' located on our LAN.
We also have a print server in the cloud called 'PrintCloud'.

All of these are on the same domain on our WAN.

Users log onto terminal services a lot.

We'd like it so that when users log onto Terminal Server A, that they are mapped to the printers on 'PrintServer'.

Then when users log onto Terminal Server B, that they are mapped to the printers on 'PrintCloud'.

Is this possible? If so, then any ideas on what to write in the vbscript to make it work so that we can deploy it in group policies?

Thanks a lot
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Seaton007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a print manager script already in Windows that you can run with the arguments that apply to your situation.   Here are the details:
May be this thread is useful
Please ignore my comment it was not for you
Here are some other resources as well: Scripts to manage Printers, Print Jobs, Print Queues and more
YashyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses.

But how does the same user logging onto a separate terminal server, have allocated to him printers from the relative print server. That's the tough part right?
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